2017 new playground products


GeoPlex™ - Endless Climbing Fun
GeoPlex Climbers
GeoPlex™ climbing panels are the latest in play innovation from Landscape Structures.  These geometric panels are versatile and can be configured as a freestanding play event or attached to other play events such as a PlayBooster® structure.  The heavy-duty panels are available in 11 colours.

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Exciting new play structures for the littlest visitors to the playground. 
So many things to discover!

SmartPlay®: Nook
Smart Play Nook
Smart Play®: Nook has been specifically designed for the youngest playground visitors in the 6 - 23 month age group.  This colourful, ground level playhouse is loaded with 16 built-in activities.

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Smart Play®: Loft
Smart Play Loft
Smart Play®: Loft is the new colourful and whimsical playhouse designed for ages 2- 5 years.  Smart Play®: Loft comes with 20 interactive play events which provide ample opportunities for imaginative, social and sensory fun.

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WhooshWinder™ Slides - fast, twisty, fun!
WhooshWinder Slides
A.  WhooshWinder™ Slide - attaches to 72" or 96" PlayBooster decks. 

B.  WhooshWinder™ Slide - attaches to 120" deck on 10' PlayOdyssey Tower.

C.  WhooshWinder™ Slide - attaches to 144" deck on 12' PlayOdyssey Tower.

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Double Swoosh Slide
Kids want to go fast, so Landscape Structures has created an 8' version of their Double Swoosh Slide.  This slide can attach to 64", 72" and 96" PlayBooster decks and is 50% steeper than traditional slides.  The Double Swoosh Slide is also available as a component on a Netplex 7- or 13-Post structure.

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FOR A BETTER TOMORROW, WE PLAY TODAY - New Landscape Structures Catalog
Play is extremely important to the development of children and Landscape Structures is committed to developing playgrounds that enhance that experience.

The new Landscape Structures catalog is full of new product innovations and inspiring ideas.

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INTRODUCING - Bamboo Line of Spray Features from Vortex
The redesigned Bamboo Collection is the latest in splash pad innovation from Vortex.  These features offer more interaction with splash pad visitors, new water effects and sleek, clean lines.

  • Bamboo Flower No1
  • Bamboo Flower No2
  • Bamboo Stem No1
  • Bamboo Stem No2
  • Bamboo Tree No1
  • Bamboo Tree No2
  • Bamboo Rain
  • Bamboo Ring
  • Bamboo Cannon
  • Bamboo Twin Curtain

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    DuMor has been creating quality site furnishings since 1984.  The most recent additions to their product line are contemporary and sleek.

    DuMor offers a wide range of products (benches, tables, chairs, receptacles) in a variety of materials and colours.
    There is a reason why customers ask for DuMor by name.

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    Poligon is the industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of open air shade structures.  They offer both standard, traditional and custom designs.

    Check out Poligon's new Idea Book.

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