SPLASHPADS - Aquatic Play

Fun. Learn. Grow
A splashpad is a dynamic, zero-depth aquatic play area  (no accumulation of water) that combines flowing, misting, spraying, splashing and jetting.

Not only is a splashpad fun and refreshing on a hot summers day, but there are numerous other benefits to having a splashpad in your community or outdoor space. These include physical, social, sensory and cognitive enhancements.

Splash pads continue to top the request list of recreation amenities most desired by municipalities and their citizens.  They are a cost-effective method for municipal clients to offer summer time fun in the face of ever-shrinking budgets.

ABC Recreation has worked with many communities to provide aquatic play solutions.

Splashpad Basics
ABC's of getting started.
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Splashpad Designs
Ideas to inspire.

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